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Monday, June 04, 2007


I must preface this post by saying I am not much of a card maker. I scrap myself silly as often as possible, but cards... not so much. I've made maybe... 5 total. LOL So keep that in mind as I share the two that I made this past weekend. For the past week every time I went into a store I looked for cards for my two nephews but nothing seemed to be appropriate. I finally decided that I would just make my own. The reason for the cards:

Jackson (age 8) - Jackson ended the school year (second grade) with straight A's. Also, he is a real star player on his baseball team (they won the Atlantic Beach championship) and he was chosen to be part of an All Star team (for the second year in a row). Jackson is such a reserved little guy and to see him excel both academically and at sports is so great.

Shane (age 11) - Shane also ended the school year (fifth grade) with straight A's. He is such an exceptional student and has been in the gifted program since he was in first grade. He was honored week before last at a ceremony at the University of North Florida for being in the top 5% of all fifth graders in the city. (To give you an idea of how many kids we're talking about, there are 105 elementary schools in Jacksonville.) To be in the top 5% of all fifth graders in the city is just incredible and I am so proud of Shane!

So, I just wasn't able to find appropriate cards for Jackson and Shane so these are the cards I made for them. Robert and I also included $20 in each card so they can do a little something fun with their money. :-)


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