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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Do I Need This?

According to Google this is what I need...

Tanya needs anti-nausea drug Zofran - actually I'm feeling quite nicely today, but thank you all the same

Tanya needs a new battery - well, I never!

Tanya needs a new home - um, no, not really... I love my home

Tanya needs to be the one to reassure Whitney she does not want to take her daddy away from her - hey, I don't even know Whitney... and I certainly don't want her daddy

Tanya needs to be a critical thinker - yeah, I'll work on that

Tanya needs a way to get rid of her fat - okay, now you're just being mean

Tanya needs the money - well, who doesn't?

Tanya needs to be created - uh, hello? I'm right here

Tanya needs to get her ass across to the UK and rock the house - um, I was just there but I did not rock the house... sorry about that... maybe next time

Tanya needs this information - that's right... so spill it

Tanya needs to be at the table to smooth things over - well, if I don't have my Zofran you probably don't want me at the table

Thanks for a good laugh, Google! :-)


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