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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It Could Be You

I just recently finished this one. I had high hopes for it as I really enjoyed everything else I've read by Josie Lloyd. For the last several years she has co-written with Emlyn Rees (now her husband) but this was her very first novel (from 1997) and she was still writing on her own then. It was pretty good... although not as good as the later books. I really got into it about two-thirds through the book when all kinds of things started happening and had high expectations for the rest of the book. But then it reverted to sappy romanticism in the last two pages and that left me disappointed. Not that I don't like a happy ending... I do. And not that I don't like romance... I do. But this wasn't a romance novel. And to have everything end up all neat and tidy and sappy there at the very end was something of a disappointment. I'm so glad this wasn't the first thing I'd ever read by her... I might not have given her a second try. LOL The novels Come Together, Come Again, The Boy Next Door and We Are Family were much better and just really great reads.

Next up is Breathing Room by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I've never read anything by her before so we shall see.


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