The Princess Is In

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hitting My Stride

I'm taking part in an 8-week online scrapbooking contest and uploaded my eighth and final layout last night. I have so enjoyed this. I took part in the summer series as well (this current one is the "Fall series") - and if they do one for winter I'm there. Last time, I felt like my layouts were kind of hit or miss but this time around something clicked. I just feel like I'm hitting my stride or I found my groove or something. I've been really happy with all eight layouts that I've entered... and that's really saying something. I am definitely my own worst critic. I also spend too much time comparing what I do to what some others do - and often find my work lacking. When will I learn? But, for the last eight weeks anyway, I've been happy with what I've done... and that's a good feeling. (This is the final layout that I posted to the contest site last night. The theme/challenge was: Ahh... Life Is Good.)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Testing the Water

I finally decided to do it. After seeing so many online friends go the blog route and going back and forth on whether I would do one myself, I have finally caved. What can I say... it appeals to the Type A in me. A list, an account, an organized layout... yep, it definitely appeals to me.

Tonight was my monthly BOM (Book of Me) class at a local scrap store. We've been meeting once a monthly for the last five or six months and focusing on layouts that are more personal in nature. Not necessarily serious - but about ourselves instead of about kids or family. I wasn't crazy about tonight's layout so I went off on my own a bit and made some changes. I even finished up early (which is sooo rare for me) so I spent a few minutes shopping before heading home. The class was only $15 but I somehow managed to walk out of there $40 lighter. It's a sickness I tell you... :)

This first post is a short one... I'm just testing the water to see how this thing works. More to follow...