The Princess Is In

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More To Do

The To Do list just keeps on growing but I love it. I'm such a major list maker anyway... it so appeals to the obsessive tendencies I have. Plus, what a feeling of satisfaction to keep crossing items off! Here's where I stand today:
  • send November RAK (mailed on 11/14)
  • buy birthday gift for Shane (done - mailed on 11/13)
  • send card/gift to Stephen in NC (done - mailed on 11/14)
  • place order from Green Grass
  • submit layout for CP Mix & Match contest
  • send Bingo prize to J. (done - mailed on 11/13)
  • send WWC prize to S. (done - mailed on 11/13)
  • email T. re: crop on Saturday (decline) - done
  • send D. check for book (done - mailed on 11/14)
  • call Kari to make appt. for Thursday evening - done
  • email Linda @ CP again re: problem with order
  • complete layout for BOM class
  • catch up on layout challenges for CP contest
  • email participants re: next BOM class

I feel like I'm getting a lot accomplished... now if I could just finish that @#*! BOM layout so I can send that email to all the class participants! =p

An Evening with Nora

Last Thursday I spent an evening with Nora Roberts. Me and about 400 other people, that is. She was making an appearance at UNF (University of North Florida) for a question and answer session and a book signing. She's mostly known as a romance/women's fiction writer, but she's currently promoting her newest book - part of her "In Death" series which has a futuristic/sci-fi setting. I don't read the series (not a fan of sci-fi) but I have read several of her other books and thought it would be fun to see her in person. Me and my mom went together and really enjoyed it. The Q&A sessions was moderated by a popular local news anchor, Donna Hicken, and all of the questions came from the audience (they had been submitted earlier and Donna read them). Nora is very personable and interesting... and has a wicked sense of humor! =) Afterwards, mom and I debated about whether to stay for the book signing. Our line numbers were 212 and 213... ack! We decided to stick around and thankfully the line moved quickly. We got to meet her briefly and each got a book signed. Wish I'd had my camera with me... but I hadn't had time to run home and get it after work. It was after 9:30pm by the time we left... and after 10:00 by the time I got home. I was so exhausted - it had been a less than fun day at the office and I had even considered not going - but I'm glad I went. Nora Robert is an author I enjoy and it was a treat to see her in person.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Growing List

Several of us at Scrap101 have decided to make and post our weekly goals as a way to motivate ourselves to accomplish more and have a bit of accountability. I posted my last night (actually in the wee hours of this morning) even though it's already the middle of the week. ;-) Once I got started listing my goals that kind of morphed into a To Do list that I started scribbling on a sheet of scratch paper. And here I am 15 items later...
  • mail out November RAK's
  • email D. re: appointment
  • reply to M's email
  • check with Tammy re: gift idea for Jackson
  • buy birthday gift for Shane
  • follow up with Dawn re: weekend crop
  • mail card/gift to Stephen
  • create/submit layout for CP Mix & Match contest
  • place order from Green Grass
  • pay for recent eBay win
  • file complaint at PayPal
  • email Terri re: crop with Joey
  • finalize layout for next BOM class
  • email BOM class with date/time
  • meet TS for dinner on Wendnesday

Only 4 items have been taken care of (those in blue) but it's a start. I don't anticipate getting much accomplished tonight since I have dinner plans but better luck tomorrow!