The Princess Is In

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Life

The August layout from my Book of Me class. It's a kind of "Day In My Life" theme. So the photos show my average day... from my vanity where I get ready each morning, the inside of my Explorer where I spend time driving to work, running errands, etc., my desk at the office where I can be found a good 8 hours a day, restaurant menus (meaning that Robert and I eat out a lot - lol), my home computer where I keep up with my scrappy friends and family, and my comfy bed (complete with Max the teddy bear) where I start and end each day. There's also a page of journaling in the library pocket... but I won't bore everyone with the details of a day in my life. LOL

You Can Overcome

This was September's Book of Me layout. Love how it turned out. I've basically had it finished since last month's class, but didn't finish the (hidden) journaling until tonight. So now I can officially call it done.


This was from a previous Book of Me class... July, I think. The top "layer" lifts up (where the tab is) and there is another self-photo there. Then the second layer lifts (where the round eye is) to reveal a third photo and some journaling. Basically just words that I feel describe... a reflection of me. The layout doesn't have a lot going on (that can be seen, anyway), but I still love all the elements - the half-circles, the stamping, the ribbon. Love it.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Coming Out of a Funk

Well, not a funk, exactly. I mean, I haven't been sad or depressed. More like... apathetic. Over the past couple weeks I've been feeling rather overwhelmed. Like everything is going a mile a minute around me. Life was going on at lightning speed and was passing me by. Too much. Too much to keep up with. And I couldn't even work up the interest to take care of any of it. Just small stuff, really, but it's like I just couldn't be bothered with any of if. Didn't care about it. And that's not like me. Finally, several days ago, I decided to force myself to start taking care of a few things. My thinking was that even if it was forced at first, maybe that would get me back into the swing of things. So I made myself do things. Respond to some emails that I'd been ignoring. Clean up my scrap room. Make that doctors appointment. Little things... but things that I couldn't seem to be bothered with before. I don't know if my theory worked or if whatever it was had run its course, but I seem to be coming out of it and feeling more like myself. Thank goodness. I hated that "can't be bothered" outlook. It was foreign to me and I hated it. I'm getting a grasp on everything now... things are looking up.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way

I'm feeling a little 80's nostalgia this morning... so here's a dose of one of my favorites. =)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

35 Things I Dislike

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy Birthday

Today is my dad's birthday as well as one of my sisters. I've always thought it was so cool that they shared a birthday. It sounds so bizarre to say that my dad is now 67 years old. Sixty-seven sounds so old! I mean, geez, it's almost 70. But I so do not think of my dad as old. He still works every day (and we're talking physical work... not sitting behind a desk) and is for the most part very healthy. And handsome, too, if I do say so myself. Tall and slim with silver/white hair. I need to post a pic of him soon.

It's my older sister who is also celebrating a birthday today. She turned 44. The six years between us that seemed like the Great Divide when we were kids hasn't mattered in a long time. She's such a good person and has so many amazing qualities.

So, my thoughts today are with my dad and my sister. One I'll see tonight, one I'll see this weekend. But to both today I say: Happy Birthday Daddy and Tammy!

Monday, October 02, 2006


After almost two months since I posted about doing some design work for a local scrap store... it's finally happening. I had come *this close* to writing it off, actually. I followed up a couple times with the store owner but it seemed that nothing was coming of it. I would be told, "Oh, I have a new shipment coming in. I'll call you to come pick some stuff up when it gets here." But the calls never came. And I didn't think it was my place to constantly follow up and "hound" her. She either wanted some help or not. My friend, the one who kind of set this up, told me Friday night that I needed to go in and see the owner again. Apparently she'd been having a rough time. Delayed shipments, slow business, and family problems on top of it all. So, back I went to see her on Saturday. She was quite emotional and told me that things weren't not going so well (business really is slow) and that she had not called me earlier because she could not afford to pay me. Well, it was my understanding from before (and from talking to my friend) that I'm getting paid with products. I mean, whatever is left over is mine to keep. Hey, I'm cool with that! While I was there she also talked to me again about teaching some classes. Ack! Now, that would actually paymoney. But I'm so uncertain about teaching. It goes back to my worry of: is my stuff good enough? Are people going to show up and wonder "why am I paying to make this garbage?" :-/ I'm thinking about it... but for now I'm definitely designing the sample layouts for the store. Which I'm going to try and get done this week. I so hope her store doesn't go under just as I'm getting started. (How's that for selfish thinking?! Shame on me!)

It's Scary Out There

A check at the CNN website a few minutes ago showed a breaking news report of an execution-style shooting at an Amish school in Pennsylvania. At least three female students (and the gunman) are dead. There is also mention of two Las Vegas schools that have been locked down while police search for a teenager with a gun who had been spotted on a high school campus. Last week it was a hostage situation, and ultimately a death, at a school in Colorado. It makes me so thankful that I'm not a kid in school today. What must that be like? I'm also glad to not have children that I would have to send off each day to who knows what. It's a different world than when I was in school 20 years ago. It's a different world from even 10 years ago. Not to say these things never happened back then... but it certainly wasn't three in the span of one week. All I can think is... it's scary out there.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

For Terri

My younger sister has had a reoccurence of an illness that is really hard on her. Nothing life-threatening... but definitely life altering. When this was at its worst - six years ago - she would listen to this song a lot to help get her through the bad times. So, even though (thankfully) this is not as bad as last time, and the "bad days" are fewer, she could still use a little lift now and then. So, Terri... this is for you.